Ethical Dilemmas In ICT

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Introduction ICT professional are often faced with ethical dilemmas and making ideal decision in each scenario might not be easy without a proper guideline such as the code of conduct. Code of Conduct is a set of rules that is uniquely developed with the effort from the higher management and employees of the company. It has a set of rules which includes the proper practices, behaviour and standards that each employee should have. Employees should be able to get access to it easily and use it as a reference to help them where critical decision making are required. This report will be comparing the differences of the Code of Conduct between International Business Machines (IBM) and Association of Computing machinery (ACM). The general ACM Code…show more content…
Her aunt, who works for a medical insurance company, approaches her one day to help her get the medical histories and other personal particulars of patients of the hospital who had died of a certain illness, so that her company can formulate a new insurance scheme for such patients. She explains that this will offer a better financial benefit than currently available for spouses and dependants. (Ethical dilemmas in ICT, 2009) From scenario 1, ethically professional should not disclose any personal information to the public without any authorization and it will also be invading of privacy of individuals who did not give consent to it. Even though by disclosing the medical histories of the patients might lead to greater financial benefits for the beneficiary, Mary still does not have the authority to disclose such information to her aunt. Hence, Mary should abide with the Code of Conduct. In this scenario, IBM’s conduct guideline (Refer to Appendix B2) might be more suitable to achieve a desirable outcome during a case where the hospital agreed to disclose the information to the insurance company. By making all personal information anonymous, the patient’s information can be kept privately and at the same time, the medical insurance company will be able to reformulate a new scheme to help the…show more content…
Documents that are no longer required must be disposed as soon as possible and useful document should be stored properly and accessible when there is a need for retrieval. In IBM, employee are to comply with the “IBM Worldwide Records Management Plan” when retaining or disposal of IBM documents and this will ensure that all information are handled properly (Refer to Appendix B1). This point was not brought up in the ACM Code of Conduct as some industries such as hospital, requires them to keep a record of their patient even when the information might no longer be needed

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