What Was Hitler's Relocation Of People To Ghettos

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Introduction A. Adolf Hitler, leader of the Holocaust, utilized numerous systems of persecution to rid the world of the people he thought of as useless and unworthy of life itself. B. Interest: How did Hitler's relocation of people to Ghettos help in implementing the Holocaust? C. Thesis Statement: The relocation of people to Ghettos brought about by Hitler tricked citizens into secluding themselves from society, living in harsh conditions under enemies' supervision, and eventually departing to camps that encouraged mass murder of Jews and anyone considered undesirable by Nazi rule. Body Paragraphs A. Hitler tricks citizens into secluding themselves from society. (Life in the Ghetto) 1. This helped implement the Holocaust because the Jews living in the Ghettos were unaware of the Nazi's intentions. The idea of a tight-knit community and having security actually comforted them. Conditions were nice at first. People had hope and got along quite well. A Ghetto was thought of as a permanent residence for Jews. Each member saw it as gated community protecting them from the outside world where they were in control for once. Being freed from daily humiliations and dangers seemed liberating.…show more content…
Living in harsh conditions under enemy supervision (Life in the Ghettos under Nazi control) 1. Ghettos turned out to be a place for Jews to suffer. They were guarded by the people plotting against them. The areas began to be filled with hunger, diseases, despair, and overall unsanitary conditions! The Ghettos were now overcrowded. Food was rationed. Authorities appointed Jews to make decisions for the community, but this was ultimately unfair because Germans word overpowered them. Surviving alone was now a challenge. Each day was having a life and not living. As more power and less freedom too control, Jews began to fear each day that they'd be relocated or even killed. C. Departing to camps (Leaving the Ghettos for an even worse

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