The Similarities Between Benito Mussolini And Adolf Hitler

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Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler two important men who changed World History enormously, both called themselves the leaders, Adolf Hitler was Der Führer and, Benito Mussolini was ll Duce. These dictators had many things in common. It all started when Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933, 11 years later Mussolini became the leader of the National Fascist Party, whom he deeply respected. Both had made rapid ascents in countries that once flourished mightily but, in the wake of World War 1, were left shattered spiritually and physically. To reverse their nations’ fortunes, both men resorted to and became similar with fascism. They completed their goals with Mussolini’s armies and Hitler’s SS who devoured their brilliant oratory, which was…show more content…
In that year, Mussolini had signed the the Pact of Friendship and Alliance, with Hitler, committing Italy to join the war on Germany’s side. By this time his armies had already adopted the Nazi military goose step and Mussolini had passed racial laws against Jews within Italy. He told his council on January 23, 1940 that, “No one could imagine that we could stay completely out of it. We cannot become a second division team”. As Hitler’s ally during the war, Mussolini “oscillated between greed and fear” and was reduced to the role of Hitler’s sidekick, and as the tide of the war turned against the Axis, Mussolini’s support collapsed and he was overthrown in 1943 following the invasion of Sicily by allied forces. Installed as a puppet ruler in the north of Italy by his Nazi followers and he was eventually captured by partisans, which resulted in execution, and later his corpse was hung upside down from a gas station and disfigured by an angry mob. It was in order to avoid a similar fate that Hitler left instructions that after his suicide his body should be reduced to

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