Similarities Between Daoism And Confucianism

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Philosophies differ in every part of the world, and while some share a common belief, others are different in every way. When compared and contrasted, Daoism, Legalism, and Confucianism all share something with the personal philosophies of Socrates. As revolutionary and thought provoking his ideologies were, his peers and superiors were eventually fed up with his constant contradicting and questions, and when a valid issue could be raised concerning him they lept at the chance. After being accused of leading the youth of Athens astray, Socrates was put on trial by a group of Athenian men. The Apologia is Plato’s account of the speech that Socrates gave to his peers in an attempt to not only plead his case, but to give the speech of a lifetime. Socrates was accused of two separate things: disrespecting the gods and corrupting the youth. He went into the trial knowing that he was walking into a room of men who had fully formed negative predeterminations of him, even still he spoke truth into the situation, which in this case showed how foolish those accusing him actually were and did not serve any purpose other than agitating the already rankled group. By going to his own defense Socrates had the option of being diplomatic and trying to smooth things over or being honest and putting…show more content…
When looking at Socrates role in Athenian society according to the Confucian standard of superiority and inferiority, Socrates the inferior man, “he is disrespectful to great men. He makes sport of the words of sages,” Socrates would definitely be considered an inferior man. Even though the idea of the superior man describes Socrates’ intention and personal creed, serving the people, shunning wealth and material belongings and dedicating his life to learning, his behavior aligned with that of the inferior

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