'Oligarchical Collective In George Orwell's 1984'

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Orthodoxy To be orthodox means to follow a generally accepted theory or practice. In 1984, Orthodoxy is strung throughout the entire book. Orthodoxy is essentially doing without thinking. Big Brother does not want free thinking, he wants blind followers of what he says. Some people, such as Winston, have a much harder time of accepting this frame of thought. At the end of the book it is identified that this is because Winston is “damaged” according to society, which leads to his treatments in the Miniluv. A large amount of society accepts Orthodoxy. In Newspeak, these people would be referred to as goodthinkful or goodthinking. Thinking is the wrong word, as thinking itself is considered unorthodox. The most dangerous word is why. The thought…show more content…
In 1984 this group is obviously the rulers of the government. Almost all goods produced go to war efforts. The citizens of Oceania are not rationed much food. Everything that doesn’t go under those categories is either falsified that it was produced or destroyed. The best explanation of Oligarchical Collective is obviously Goldstein's book, as it is in the title. His book essentially explains how the government keeps control of its people through a mixture of suppression and brainwashing. Doublethink- Doublethink is defined as having two contradictory beliefs and accepting both of them. There is multiple examples of Doublethink throughout the book. A major example is the proles. The Party has stated that proles, as well as animals, are free. Yet the Party is the biggest oppressor of the proles. They say that the proles are natural inferiors, who must be kept submerged under everyone else. Doublethink is a main pillar in the Party’s thinking. Changing your mind is considered cowardly, which is why everyone in the society must be proficient in doublethink. Everything constantly changing (even right in the middle of speeches). Rations may be lowered the day before, but when Big Brother makes the announcement that rations have been raised once again, everyone buys it. It is crucial that people are unintelligent enough to absorb

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