Why I Want To Have Dinner With Walter Mitty

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Dinner with Walter Mitty In the short story “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by James Thurber, a man by the name Walter Mitty, slips back and forth between reality and his daydreams that are more exciting than his actual life. I have been asked the question on whether I would like to have dinner with Walter Mitty or not, and I don’t think that I would. There are several reasons on why I wouldn’t have dinner with Walter Mitty, he wouldn’t pay attention to me, he would be a bad conversationalist, but he would be funny to watch. I wouldn’t like to have dinner with Walter Mitty because he wouldn’t pay attention to me and wouldn’t know what I was trying to say to him. Also, if I wanted him to pass me the food across the table he wouldn’t know what I wanted because he wouldn't be listening. Plus, Walter would forget where he’s at, so he wouldn't know that we were having dinner together, and just go back to daydreaming all over again and Walter could accidentally put me in harm, by maybe thinking he was in a competition of darts, and he could possibly start throwing knives and forks everywhere around me without realizing it. Also, I would have to start yelling…show more content…
He would also be boring to talk to since he would be in his own little world and know nothing about the real world, and he wouldn’t respond to the questions that I was trying to ask him. Also, he wouldn’t bring anything new or interesting to the conversation since he wouldn’t have anything to talk about since he only lives in his dreamdays and not in reality. Plus, Walter wouldn’t get to know me and I wouldn’t be able to get to know him because his lack of conversation, and I would just be there sitting awkwardly. The last thing that would be bad is him always asking the question, “What?” because he didn’t hear you the first

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