The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Analysis

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THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY (2013) The second adaptation of a 1939 short story and re-released by the late Samuel Goldwyn junior in 2013, The secret life of Walter Mitty is an adventure romance film. This movie is set in the dot com era where internet is available to almost every facet of society. Losses on the print version of magazines have resulted in some of the publications scrambling to the online platform to capture the internet market. This gives rise to the last printed issue of LIFE magazine. The legendary inconspicuous photo journalist Sean O’ Connell asks that film number 25 be the cover, claiming it as his magnum opus. Walter Mitty, a middle aged day dreaming negative assets manager played by Ben Stiller, scrambles to find the film that Sean mailed to him, but to no avail. He is constantly hounded for the film by…show more content…
Instead he represents the younger, faster working population of this day and age. Despite his big position, he lacks substance - dumbfounded when asked about LIFE’s motto and seemingly unsure of what makes LIFE. The heart and soul of life, to him, appears just as numbers and facts. The director gives a cynical perspective on the younger working class of today. That might not be too far from the truth considering how hypocritical we can be. Going for top tier jobs for their power and wealth and not taking into account what the job actually amounts to, other than the numbers game, is detrimental. Ted is merely the embodiment of that direction. The scene that beautifully surmised the film was when Sean, travelling so far just to take the picture of a snow leopard, nicknamed the ghost cat because it has rarely been seen, lets the opportunity slip away. Instead he “stays in the moment”, lives in the moment and reflects that “beautiful things don’t ask for attention.” That scene moved

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