Walt Whitman's I Hear America Singing

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Walt Whitman captured how Americans contributed to the rebuilding America after the Civil War during the Industrialization Era using the sounds of music while writing, “I Hear America Singing”. Whitman’s focus writing this poem was to show how Americans worked together to build a culture and lifestyle. Whitman outlined the strength and characteristics about how variety and creativity can build a great nation utilizing the working people. This piece of artwork symbolizes how America works in harmony and the people’s love for America. He had faith that democracy would flourish if balance developed between the newly merged nation and the individual (Canan, 2013). The poem represents how the men and women of America live on a daily basis. The poem shows the emphasis on celebrating happiness and healthy lifestyle through their daily jobs. The author describes an in depth look at the people’s jobs that are striving in America, including the women’s work force. Walt Whitman represents these traits as pictures to categorize their life. By using these pictures, Whitman is able to represent everyday happiness within the different types of employment. Walt Whitman used his own life experiences to author this poem. Whitman grew up on a farm during…show more content…
The metaphors are able to identify how the poem depicts the American people. The distinction is very important because the author builds on these metaphors throughout the poem by writing examples for each type of person the author believes how they serve the nation. The metaphors exemplify the individualistic characteristics within the men, women, and represents what belongs to him or her in their own way. In this manner the poem alludes to the democratic ideal of a government “of the people, for the people and by the people,” each person with a voice—a say in how the government is run
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