Comparing I Hear America Singing 'And Three Haiku' By John

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Poems, Poems, Poems (An analysis of how the structure of poems affects the meaning) There are so many different structures or types of poems an author can choose to write and they all have an affect on the meanings of the poems. Haiku poems are one type and they consist of seventeen syllables and three lines. The theme of Haiku poems can be anything from nature to love. Another type of poem is free verse which has an endless amount of topics that you can write about. Free verse has virtually no structure and you can write the poem however you please to get your message across. “I Hear America Singing” by Walt Whitman and “Three Haiku” by Daniel C. Buchanan are different because they have different structure which affects their meaning because…show more content…
Haiku’s have three lines and the first has five syllables, the second has seven syllables, and the third has five syllables which means these kind of poems are not extremely long. The message in the third haiku is about freedom and not being tied down to any responsibilities. “Bearing no flowers,/I am free to toss madly/Like the willow tree.”(Chiyojo lines 1-3) In the quote, it even says that he/she is free and can toss around madly because they bear no flowers. This is because the person is trying to say how they can do what they want to in their own life because they are no longer tied down by burdens of the past. They can now move freely and do as they please because of this. The structure of this poem adds to the message because it allows room for the reader to assume what the theme is and what point they want to get across. It is an open book and you can make it into whatever you want to. This is something that is common in the structure of haiku poems because there is no real message or theme stated which means you can assume whatever you want to and no one has the right to argue unless you're opinion is

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