Chimeric Faces Test Results

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Introduction The experiment is called the chimeric face judgment task. The chimeric faces test is a widely used behavioral test of lateralization for face processing (Bourne, 2008). The point of this experiment is trying to find out whether there will be a bias when it comes to recognizing faces. It is known that right hemisphere specializes in face processing and left hemisphere in language. Hemispheric specialization (or hemispheric ability) only indicates the advantage of each hemisphere when process a stimulus while hemispheric dominance means one of the hemispheres is in control of the whole process (Urges & Bricolo & Aglioti, 2005). The hypothesis is that the right hemisphere specializes in face processing so the information picked up from the left visual field will enter the right hemisphere and people are more likely to identify the picture with the left…show more content…
They are asked to identify which of the two pictures (one made with the left side of the face and the other with the right side of the face) looks more like the original picture. Here are the pictures: Original picture Left chimeric face Right chimeric face I did this experiment with 12 participants in total with 6 males and 6 females and all of them aging from 18 to 22. Two of the participants are left-handed (a male and a female). 3 of the participants are Caucasians and the rest are Asians. Results 50% of the participants chose the left chimeric face and 50% chose the right chimeric face. For participants who chose the left chimeric face, 67% were females and 33% were males. As for right chimeric face, 33% were female and 67% were males. 50% of left-handed people chose the left chimeric face and 50% chose the right chimeric face. 100% of Caucasians chose the right chimerical face. Conclusion and

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