Synthesis Essay: The American Voice

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What is the American Voice? The American Voice is characterized by themes of independence, pride, and hope. When a mad tyrant drunk on power threatened to take our freedom we rebelled instead of bending the knee to corruption, and forged our own independent nation. Sadly there were still those among us who would not accept a variation of race and culture even after our nation was freed, but it was the hope these foreigners clung onto that ironically gave birth to a moral of acceptance in America. Pride is a sin we all should be wary of, however there is no shame in being proud of the hardworking citizens who helped forge our nation. These three uncorrelated aspects have,over time, been transformed into three admirable virtues due to America’s own actions and morals. Patrick Henry’s speech ,“Give me Liberty or give me Death”, screams independence for the American Voice. This is demonstrated in line 61,with Henry pointing out that, “if we wish to be free”, they must fight. This meant going to war against the world’s strongest navy and army for freedom, which many considered at the time was suicidal. This idea is also found in line 91, when Henry boldly states,”give me liberty or give me death”. This supports the claim…show more content…
This poem portrays U.S citizens as proud hard workers with their own stories by stating,”each one singing his as it should be blithe and strong”,(Whitman 2). This shows that the workers are willful and confident in the life they have chosen. Whitman once again displays Americans as prideful when he states “Singing with open mouths their strong melodious songs”(11). In other words, the U.S citizens are not ashamed of who they are and so they sing their story for all to hear. Walt Whitman showed us it is okay to be proud of our nation and those who helped build it by living their own simple yet joyous

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