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Many people go to school, get a degree, then join the work force, but what they don’t expect is the difficulty they may experience when approaching a career. When looking for a job, the ultimate information that job seekers search for is the pay per hour. Even though the pay from a job may be okay, if there aren’t enough hours there is no way to make a living, and this is a problem that is recently related to the human resource management at Walmart’s around the world. In the article, “Next Goal for Walmart Workers: More Hours” by Hiroko Tabuchi, a writer for, Tabuchi discusses the story of Anthony Rodriguez and his struggles to make a living for him and his family with the insufficient hours of work the Walmart provides. Walmart has recently increased their minimum wages from $7.50 to 9 dollars an hour and by the beginning of next year it will be $10 hour, but according to Mr. Rodriquez it has no relevance unless he has enough hours to accumulate a decent check by the end of the week. He states that “I work as hard as I can, and when they offer me hours, I stay,” ….“But when the time comes, and I beg them for hours because I’m not going to afford rent, they don’t want to help me”(qtd. in Tabuchi), he feels that management is contradictive because when they want him they have him, and when he is in need they don’t need him. This…show more content…
One option he has is overtime; though he has asked for overtime but did not get the hours he can continue to ask. Another option would be to have a meeting with his manager or resource manager to come to a consensus as to what they can to resolve his weekly schedule. Lastly, to really make a difference he should take his story and bring it to the labor union. The labor union would be a great avenue to present his proposal and people who are experiencing the same problems as him can come together and actually make a

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