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In this paper I will be discussing the vice of gluttony and how it is a major problem for people and society. I will be explaining the vice of gluttony, how it differs from closely related thoughts, how we tend to reduce it to something smaller, and the importance of sloth actually being a vice. As a society, we need to be aware of gluttony and its implications on us. In the book Glittering Vices by Rebecca DeYoung, the vices of gluttony is described as the excessive pleasure to consume food and drink (140). All the vise take something that God meant to be a positive thing and perverts it into something negative. God meant for food to give us nutrition and to be pleasurable but not to destroy relationship because of the desire for that pleasure. Many people think that gluttony is just excessive eating but that is not the case. It is way more than just eating a large amount of food at a given time. It has more to do with the pleasure that is achieved when a person becomes full. A person who…show more content…
This is a form of gluttony but it is not the only one. Gluttony is broken down into five major forms: “eating fastidiously, ravenously, excessively, sumptuously, and hastily” (DeYoung, 141). All these forms desire the pleasure that comes from eating or drinking. A fastidious glutton is also known as the “picky eater” (Alexander). They only want to consume food that they like to get the form of pleasure they seek. A ravenous glutton is also known as the “animal” (Alexander). They consume food just like animals by scarfing it down like they haven’t eating in years. The excessive glutton is the person that “eats a lot” (Alexander). This is the typical form of gluttony that people think of. The sumptuous glutton is the “delightful eater” (Alexander). They only eat because they get delight from the feeling of being full. Finally, the hastily glutton is the person “constantly snacking”

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