Vitiligo Experiment

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Research aim: To investigate the effects of Vitix on a vitiligo affected area and to determine the awareness and perceptions of vitiligo. Aim: The aim of this experiment is to see whether there is a visible effect when applying ‘Vitix’ to an area affected by vitiligo. (Vitix is a gel recommended for vitiligo patients and the manufacturers claim it will visibly decrease the size of the affected area of vitiligo on the skin.) Research will be done on vitiligo, causes, awareness of vitiligo and Vitix. I will be using primary sources (data gathering, photographs, questionnaires and film clips) and secondary sources (encyclopaedias, books, text books and websites). The reason I chose this topic is because: Since I was about four years of age I have been affected by vitiligo. Vitiligo is the pigmentation loss in the cells on a certain part of the body. The first white spots appeared on my back and grew in size as time went by. I went for many different types of treatment including light treatments and topical ointments that were applied onto the area. Some treatments made me sick and nauseous and left blisters on my back from the heat, which was not enjoyable so I chose to stop. The vitiligo never went away but the rate of growth of the vitiligo started to decrease and eventually stopped increasing. Being a small child and having this happening to me was a…show more content…
This method is usually used for wounds and can be done by tracing the wound on a clear piece of acetate which is a type of very thin plastic, with a felt tip pen and then putting it on graph paper. This way you can measure the size of the wound (in cm), find the area in cm 2 but not infect it as the plastic will cover the wound. This would help to calculate the surface area of the wound (, 2011). The experiment will be performed at the beginning and end of the test period to see it the area has

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