Benjamin Spock's Influence On Child Development Essay

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Writing Assignment – Week 1 The option I chose to research and write on centers around this week’s textbook readings and Dr. Benjamin Spock’s influence on child development. Both sources have provided many ways in which parents today can better teach their children, influence the environment in which the child grows, and better understand what will occur developmentally in a healthy child’s life. For many eras of history children have been viewed as a way to carry on a family line, connect and form different alliances, and to have more help with the family business. Children were treated more harshly than they are today. Punishments for even small mistakes were strict and often physical. When Dr. Benjamin Spock first published his book in…show more content…
Spock shared with parents I found several themes. The first theme presented to me on multiple sites was the idea of parents loving their child and treating them like an individual. In one article written about Dr. Spock the Legacy Staff wrote, “Spock changed all that with his encouragement for parents to follow their instincts, be attentive to the baby's needs, and be generous with affection. (2017)” Dr. Spock encouraged parents to trust in themselves (2015). He pushed for parents to understand that they are the ones who will know what is best for their own child. This was new to many people and has influenced parents to make positive changes in the way they raise their children. Parents are now taking a more active role in deciding what is best for their own…show more content…
Spock had an incredible impact on the way parents view their children and go about parenting them. I think that many parents have become kinder and more loving towards their children because of his advice. After reading through much of his research and advice I have determined that, as a parent, I will be playing an active role in my child’s life. I will be taking advice from doctors and those I trust but, ultimately, I will be the judge when it comes to what is best for my child. I think that those who followed his advice found that they were more confident in their role as a parent and often ended up having a better, more personal, relationship with their

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