Persuasive Essay On Criminal Justice

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Criminals of today are very elusive and cunning. They may get sentenced to remain in prison, but sometimes they could be bailed out or at very desperate times, escape custody and when that happens, they can go out and live free once again. When they’re out, the victims of the said criminal would feel unfair and would feel that justice isn’t served right. Also, most of the notorious and high-end criminals are given special treatment while being detained. If you were a victim of these kinds of criminals, would you feel satisfied about knowing what happened to them? Probably, you won’t. With these said events still going on within our society today, I think it’s time to bring back the death penalty in our country. What is the death penalty? As…show more content…
They will always find ways to get out of prison or out of being in custody. They would evade their sentence because they got so used to living a life of an outlaw. Also stated in the previous paragraphs, it also has several effects on society. These effects are justice, fear and the impact on the citizens and also some minor effects. I would recommend that when it is implemented, they make sure that the accused is really the suspect or is really guilty of the crimes charged towards him/her. Second would be to narrow down the methods of execution to less-sadistic ways such as lethal injection or electrocution. The execution should not be made public. It should only be viewed by the criminal’s loved ones, if they choose to watch their last moment. Also to exclude people aged 19 and below, and those who are aged 80 and above. Crimes that are to be considered for this law should be murder, robbery, evasion, corruption and any other crime close to the degree of these which are listed. Finally, I would recommend that this law should not be abused and to be enforced only when necessary and if all the needed complaints have been filed against the

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