Van Gogh Art Analysis

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The exhibit Van Gogh’s Masterpieces from the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, has various paintings of landscape, portraits and Japanese influences as well, there are different pieces of European culture, it chronologically directs you through a collection of Van Gogh’s works. The theme of this exhibition is to appreciate Van Gogh’s artwork portrayed through his eyes, his personal expression is brought to life in his paintings. Each painting gives the viewer a sense of how Van Gogh visualized each scene expressing his deepest feelings whether of happiness or sadness. The exhibition of his masterpieces is a recompilation of some of his most famous paintings. Van Gogh’s art is classified and separated in chronological order and by theme, each area…show more content…
One of the most controversial and famous Van Gogh’s paintings because of the many different interpretations that we can get from the artwork. It is Van Gogh’s final masterpiece before his death, over the time many viewers and art analytical specialists had spent time searching for inner meanings of this work, it has been said that this artwork portrayed Van Gogh’s internal crisis and suicidal thoughts, when he’s sends a letter saying “They are vast fields of wheat under troubled skies, and I did not have to go out of my way to try to express sadness and extreme loneliness...” however there’s a lot of different opinions and point of views about this work, on my perspective, I see this artwork not only as an ultimatum or only expressing feelings of sadness, I see a mix of colors, the emotional impact of the bright yellow allows this extraordinary painting to give the viewer the feeling of harmony. I can interpret this as the existence of some kind of hope and the pursuit of the inner peace. This work is placed at the end of the exhibit not only because it was his last masterpiece, also because the influence this work marks on other artists the powerful impact. We can conclude the main point of this exhibit is to show the world a part of Van Gogh’s extraordinary artwork throughout the years and his lifetime, exhibiting his art inspired by the light and vibrant colors, letting the view know more about this famous artist and what he always tried to give and express throughout his unique work. Causing in the viewer different kind of emotions towards the artwork and question its real meaning. This is what made Van Gogh one of the most popular artist of all the

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