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The Utopians way of living is certainly unique and unlike any other style of living in the world. It is as pure of a communist society that could exist. There happens to be some perks associated with a pure communist society. For instance, in Utopia everyone that is old and strong enough is put to work (Pg. 63-64). I respect this aspect of the Utopian society because everyone is contributing in some way or another. Since each individual is contributing to the commonwealth there is no one that is unworthy of receiving help if they need it. However, this is where I have a problem with the society that we live in today. It is blasphemous that someone in our country that is trying to make ends meet and holds a full-time job can live less comfortable than somebody with no job that is living off of welfare. In the Utopian society this would be far from acceptable. The only members of society that are exempt from working are syphogrants and scholars…show more content…
Someone might think that all slavery is merciless but I would have to argue because the Utopians utilize their slaves to benefit society. Utopian slaves consist of two different classes. One class of slaves is those who have committed a serious crime or are foreigners that have been sentenced to death for a certain crime (Pg. 95). The other class of slaves consists of poor, hard working people who have decided themselves to be a slave among the Utopian society (Pg. 96). However, both classes of slaves are worked hard and offer assistance to the well being of Utopia. I believe that this is extremely beneficial and smart of the Utopians. Instead of having the criminals locked up in a prison they are required to help the society that they have harmed. The Utopians realize that there is a use for everything and there is no need to let a perfectly good human being sit in jail wasting energy when they could be performing a task to support the

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