My Accomplishment: My High School Basketball Team

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Growing up in life I was taught setting goals for myself would be a great way of making sure I was always on the correct path. Thankfully, over the years I’ve been blessed to have so many memorable achievements. As a member of my family it would only be normal to aim high on accomplishments. My most pleased accomplishment was being placed on my high school all-district basketball team. Some may say it’s a small achievement but I made it possible after missing the entire first half the season, struggling with time management, and going through a family crisis in the process. This was my junior season and my 2012-2013 year at Lutcher high school. I had just finished a very impressive sophomore season and everyone expected an even more magnificent junior season. Our summer break went by as quick as I could blink. I remember walking the halls on the first day of school bragging about my self-importance to the team. I was the man and number one on everyone’s list to win district’s MVP. I was in class for about ten minutes before Coach Delerie sent for me to come to his office. As I entered the gym I could see disappointment all over his face. He sat me down and explained to me I would be ineligible for the first half of the season due to my GPA. I broke down instantly and my mind went blank. Basketball was the only the thing I ever wanted to do. After a couple of days I managed to get myself together and promised myself I’d make up for it.…show more content…
I could have used it as an excuse to have a slump year or I could have worked harder than ever. Everyday I’d think about the promise I made myself and it pushed me to bring the best out of me. As a high school basketball player the time you spend on the court can play a major factor in your performance. The odds were against me of making all district because of all the time the other players had on the court. I took on the challenge and everyday it was the ball, the gym, and

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