Life Of Pi And Animal Farm Comparison Essay

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Throughout the novel of 'Life of Pi' by Yann Martell and 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell, it is expressed though multiple themes within the text that these novels contain imbedded similarities. Some of the predominant themes within these books are shown throughout the narrative, and how they represent the characters situation. Within the novels it is shown that the themes and character characteristics present an enormous comparison with displaying the two texts. Furthermore the underlying values of the texts provide a great divide between the conclusions of the novels. These texts ultimately persuade the readership into question the foundations of its reality. Despite the novels opposing storylines, with 'Animal Farm's' totalitarian society…show more content…
This style of narrative as the readers progresses in the novel, merges to become only distinguishable by fonts. Yann Martell uses the 'Author' character to ultimately bamboozle the reader by linking the fiction and fictional storylines. This "selective transforming of reality" bypasses the readers conditioned instincts to question the authors note, this ticks the readers into believing the book is ultimately factual, until eventually allowing the readers in the transcript to decide which concluding story holds the most truth. Contrasting 'Life of Pi' Orwell tells the story of 'Animal Farm' primarily though third person, implying a impersonal and omniscient point of view. The central objective within the storyline is to create a utopian society, along the journey the readership begins to understand though the characters why this once pure dream will never be achieved. Throughout 'Animal Farm' the narrator provides the audience with individual motives of each characters actions, current motivations and personal thoughts. As a result this style of writing allows the reader to understand what each character sees, feels and thinks, providing freedom of choice of where and what to focus

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