Communism Vs. Rule Utilitarianism

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Act Utilitarianism vs. Rule Utilitarianism Many would agree that utilitarianism values the happiness of people. Utilitarianism is the theory holding that the moral action is the one that maximizes utility. Within the definition, utility can mean several things including pleasure, happiness, and economic well-being. Utilitarianism is a form of consequentialism that says that consequences of an action are of moral importance. Supporters of utilitarianism believe that their actions are not morally wrong if they promote happiness. It has been long believed that there are rules when making the right decision because if we tried to calculate every consequence for every decision we made we might end choosing something less than the best strategy.…show more content…
Rule consequentialists would follow the rule that if it isn’t causing someone else maximum utility then it may not be the best decision, and this is where act utilitarians object. Act utilitarianism demands that we always do what is optimific. For example, in Shafer-Landau’s book he says, “rule consequentialists would deny military commanders a license to execute the innocent, would forbid torture and embezzlement and vicarious punishment - even when specific instances of such action would be most beneficial” (Shafer-Landau 156). He then explains how this is “self-defeating” since a consequentialist’s ultimate aim is to produce the best results. In morality, the ultimate purpose is to make the world a better place, and consequentialists only contradict themselves in certain decision they make because of the rules they…show more content…
When it comes to making a decision, thinking about whom it will affect or what it will affect tends to happen. When I make a decision, I don’t just think about myself. Utilitarianism is about maximum utility and happiness, but if I chose to make a decision knowing that it would hurt others around me that I care about, would I really have achieved maximum happiness? Act utilitarianism does not seem to fit someone who cares a lot about the people around them. It would be best fit for someone who only cares about themselves and getting what they want. I always think about the people I’m going to affect when making a decision because if I do something to hurt them through my decision, I’d really just be making myself miserable rather than maximum happiness. Using rules to make your decisions only helps you to make the best decision. We grow up being taught that doing things to make others happy before yourself is what will bring us maximum happiness, not doing what is best for us. I get the most happiness when I do something to bring others happiness. I could never see myself getting joy from only caring about myself and not worrying about who I might hurt in the process. Rule consequentialism in my opinion is the most preferred because making others happy before you is what life is

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