How Did Elor Roosevelt Change

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People tend to change as they grow and experience new things.During Eleanor Roosevelt's long life, she experienced many things that made her the inspiring women she was and still is today.In Eleanor Roosevelt’s biography, autobiography and Letter to the Daughters of the American Revolution, you can see the changes in her personality from childhood to adulthood.In the following paragraphs below I will use text evidence to make clear what those changes in Eleanor’s personality where and how those changes came to be. On October 11th, 1884, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was born into a family that at the time included just her mother (Anna Hall Roosevelt) and father (Elliott Roosevelt) who later went on to have two more children(Elliott and Hall Roosevelt).When Eleanor’s two brothers were born almost instantly Eleanor noticed the contrast in how her mother cared for them vs her like how it says in the biography on page 788 lines 33-35 “Eleanor watched her mother hold the boys and lovingly stroke their hair, while for Eleanor there seemed only coolness, distance.”Seeing as Eleanor's mother treated Eleanor with nothing but distance and coolness Eleanor became introverted like it says on page 788 line 36 in her biography“Eleanor became shy and withdrawn.”This however is only one of Eleanor's personality traits from when she was a child.…show more content…
People teased her about her looks and called her the Ugly Duckling.”One other example of the way people saw Eleanor and the way Eleanor saw herself was on page 788 lines 25-28 of her biography“As she grew older she couldn’t help but notice her mother's extraordinary beauty, as well as the beauty of her aunts and cousins. Eleanor was plain looking, ordinary even, as some called her

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