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Jackson 1 Tracey Jackson Professor Dr. Urban 10 October 2014 Urban Chicago, Illinois. The history of the city of Chicago is a very interesting. It is a city that intrigues my curiosity because of its rich history in the United States. Chicago has been named the third popular city in the United States. Native Americans like Chief Black Hawk were first found on the land but where defeated in 1832. The name Chicago came from the native Indians naming the areas. Chicago, Illinois was founded in 1830 and grew fast. It was incorporated as a town in 1833. It was founded as a city in 1837 as the population reached 3000 plus. Railroads and telegraphs where build in1878. The urban living in this city has always engaged my interest…show more content…
This cause new business, new local churches, and new community organizations. The culture was changing! There was anew music culture that developed and many well known musicians can out of this new urban change of Chicago. Many people believed that music was the heart of the community for many years. During this time many great literary writers rose up thru these hard times of development. The different Urban areas where design according to the needs of the area. Jackson 5 The west Side of the Chicago became the largest African American urban area therefore it catered and was change according to the needs of that area. These areas consisted of barbershops, salon, restaurants and organizations. This gave the community a since of how to take care of their family. It restored a since of Pride in the community. Chicago is well known for many first throughout the world History. Chicago built the nation’s first Skyscraper and steel building. Chicago was the first areas ever threaten by water borne illness from the sewage system. Chicago is the home of the tallest building in North America and the third tallest in the world the Sears Tower. These first of are only a few of the many first that Chicago has in impacted the Chicago history. I also believe that these first were foundations and bases for the urban fabric of the city today.…show more content…
Jackson 6 Chicago has been the home of our own President of the United States Barack Obama as well as, six U. S. Senators. Chicago has been listed as a global city. Chicago has the third largest gross metropolitan product in the United States. In 2012 it was reported that Chicago hosted 46.37 million international and domestic visitors. Today Chicago has a rich culture that has contributions to the visual arts, novels, film, theater, comedy, and music, mostly jazz, blues, soul, and the creation of house music. The city has many nick names; the best-known names are the "Windy City" and "Second City." Chicago has professional sports teams in each of the major professional leagues. Chicago has had many struggles and many ups and downs throughout history as it continues to mature its urban history, but it endures to grow and

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