A Rhetorical Analysis Of Edger Allan Poe

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Rhetorical Analysis of Edger Allan Poe “A dream with in a dream” “A Dream within a dream” was a poem written originally in the 1820’s by Edger Allan Poe and was first published in the edition of a periodical flag of our father in 1849 a while after Poe’s death. The poem is made up of 24 lines and is split into two different stanzas, the first one deals with the loss of someone close and the second stanzas show the narrator dealing loss of someone. The poem mainly convey the idea that life is nothing but a dream and no matter what we do we cannot change our life it is not going to matter because in the end we will wake up from our dreams which is our and loved ones death. In the poem Poe’s uses pathos and to appeal to his reader emotions. He also uses poetic devices like repetition, personification, imagery, and tone.…show more content…
Another example of this in first stanza is “ in a night or in a day, in a vision or in none” and in the second stanza “while I weep—while I weep, O god ! can I not gasp” show that the narrator emotion which are sadness and despair. From theses example we can conclude that the narrator is not only not sure if his life is dream or not and how he know that if he wake from his which is his life it could mean that it is his death. The use of repetition by the narrator is to try and make the readers to try and focus on theses line to find the meaning he is trying to

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