Mr. Holland's Opus Roles

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In the movie, Mr. Holland's Opus, Glenn Holland is a musician and composer who wishes to compose a piece or a symphony rather that will leave his mark on the world. But seeing as bills have to be payed he takes what he hopes to be a temporary position as the music teacher at John F. Kennedy High School. In this movie Glenn has four main roles, he is successful at some more than others. Theses roles are being a husband, musician, teacher and father. One of his better roles would be as a teacher, which I believe was his strongest role. He was successful at this roles because after he makes a breakthrough to his students he takes his job very seriously, and puts it before everything. Including his son Cole and wife Iris. Another reason he is successful at this role is because with some unusual methods he gets his students to appreciate and enjoy music. Lastly he was successful as a teacher because he helps a young girl have the confidence to be a better clarinetist, a troubled kid learn to appreciate music in a different sense, and a football player learn to go from knowing nothing about music to playing drums in a marching band. He was unsuccessful at being a teacher he really didn't want the job in the first place so he isn't really coming into the situation with the right attitude. He is also unsuccessful at being and teacher because he is impatience with his students and he blows up at them as well.…show more content…
He is moderately successful at this role because he loves his wife more than anything and takes this job so the can travel together. He also was extremely excited for Cole when Iris told him that she was pregnant with him. But at the same time he is not a very good husband because overall he is a grumpy person. He also yells at her when he gets frustrated which seems to be constant throughout the entire movie. Lastly, after he begins to love his job as a teacher he ignores Iris and spends more time focusing on his job then

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