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Introduction A. Attention Getter: When I say the words “retro” and “vintage,” what are the first things that come to mind? Perhaps an image of jukeboxes and vinyl records? Or an image of teenagers gathered at a drive in theater? What both scenes have in common is that your mind drifts back to the golden age of America and the glamour associated with it. The famous fashion designer Coco Chanel once quoted, “Fashion fades, [but] only style remains the same.” B. Revealed Object and Speaker Credibility: Arguably, the staple piece for any vintage wardrobe is the saddle shoes. For one who identifies with the vintage culture, saddle shoes are a must for any wardrobe because of its timeless style and versatile use. C. Thesis: By learning about…show more content…
Both genders would participate in the popular trend of placing a comb into the sock while wearing saddle shoes. This was a bold statement to others that the person took pride in their appearance. Transition: After hearing a bit of the history of saddle shoes, I will tell you why I identify with the culture. B. Main Point 2: I feel confident when wearing vintage clothing. 1. Sub-point 1: It wasn’t until recently that I discovered the vintage culture. Before the culture, my insecurities were constantly eating away at me. People seemed to find their fashion sense naturally, but I was struggling to find clothes that expressed my personality and, most importantly, made me feel comfortable while wearing. I took an interest to vintage clothing when I saw a pin up model whose message of body positivity and feeling confident inspired me. I began searching for retro blogs to learn more, but I was scared that this style wasn’t going to help my

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