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Chemistry has never been an easy subject for me; so when I took AP Chemistry my junior year of high school, I was really pushing myself. During the yearlong course, I learned not just about chemistry, but also about myself. I struggled with the material and worked really hard to keep my grade decent. The class presented many challenges that I had to overcome. In addition to learning how to work hard, I worked diligently to understand the material taught. I also worked hard to retain the information so I could use it in real world situations. I cannot take all of the credit for my success in that class, for without my teacher, Mr. Kahoe, I would not have done as well as I did. Having a teacher as kind and caring as Mr.Kahoe contributed much to my success in AP chemistry. He knew as well as I did that I wasn't the best or the smartest student in this subject, what he saw was that I worked hard to learn and understand the material.…show more content…
I aspire to go into medicine. The path of going into pre-med and beyond will be a very vigorous and challenging one, but I know that I can overcome and push through the challenges because I proved I could do so with AP Chemistry. When I become Dr. Rippy I want to emulate what my 11th grade Chemistry teacher taught me and show kindness and caring to those who are struggling. Not only will I benefit from furthering my education, I will be benefiting others. I hope to join Doctors without Borders so that I can care for children and adults who have also been forsaken. It would bring me absolute joy to see the smiles of my patients, young or old, and to know I contributed to their happiness. If my plan includes tending to those who are vulnerable, I will be strong enough to embrace

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