Underdevelopment In Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea (PNG) is one of the underdeveloped countries in the world. Since gaining independent in 1975, PNG have been able to handle its own affairs and make its own decisions towards how developments should take place in the country. Like all other underdeveloped countries, PNG has been striving for development throughout these past forty two years. Though some developments may have occurred, the high illiteracy rate in the country has been a major factor that causes many people in PNG to not really see these developments or understand the concept of development. Hence many people just see development as a change that occurs in infrastructure and/or constructions of new public buildings. In fact, development is a concept of continuous…show more content…
As PNG is still a developing country, much of the areas in the concept of development are still left underdeveloped. Many people in PNG only see underdevelopment in the country as lack of infrastructure, lack of wealth and very poor living conditions. Underdevelopment is the concept describing the opposite of development and can mean to have low life expectancy, illiterate and cannot have access to resources, trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty and unable to participate in the life of the community. In comparing PNG with other developed countries, PNG has been pinned down as a developing or underdeveloped country because PNG has a very high evidence of underdevelopment indicators (something that points out something else, oxford dictionary) such as high illiteracy rate and low income. There are different forms of development indicators that are used to measure a country in terms of its progress in various developments and well-being of its citizen. In this particular assay, I will be discussing the paradigms of developments and underdevelopments in PNG which most of the time being overlooked by the…show more content…
In most cases, mission schools and aid post are most likely to be found on remote places in the country and it serves the people who do not have access to government health services and schools. They have given hope to the hopeless. The government and the people must also take some time to salute the church missions like EBC, Catholic, SDA and Lutheran for their tireless support in the development of the country. Examining the development and underdevelopment in PNG, few developments have occurred compared to high existing areas of underdevelopment. For the paradigm of underdevelopment, we will mainly look at the symptoms of underdevelopment faced in PNG. These symptoms are (1) dependence upon agriculture, (2) exporting of primary produce, (3) poverty, (4) exploding population growth (5) epidemic diseases and (6) dependent on developed nations (aid). These are the symptoms causing PNG to be pinned down as underdeveloped country. If these symptoms can be cured, PNG will have a chance of becoming a developed country

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