The Narattor Son

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The boy named John, which the audience finds through out the story is actually the narattors son, has grown up in an enviroment that is stable and loving. His surroundings consisted of John being raised by his grandparents after the passing of his parents. The grandparents took John in and gave him love and affection with a chance to be himself and grow. Johns enviroment was so safe that his grandfather even proclaimed that "he's up at five almost every morning...[and walks] the dog along the shore..." (page 61). John has been given an enviroment which welcomes music, singing and a place wher he could openly play "his mouth organ" (page 61). John is put in an enviroment where he is able to do things in which finds pleasure in doing, like fishing and collecting stones. The narrator witnessing his son in such a wonderful enviroment impacts him in such a way that he realizes his son is better off being left with his grandparents.The narrator has a turn of emotions when he realizes that the enviroment his…show more content…
The description of seeing the "[sun] infusion in myraid of rainbow colours", but then realizing the sea ends and eventually "the blue ocean turns to grey in the rain"(page 52), is connected to the narrattor more then the reader is able to realize until much later. It is almost foreshadowing to him having a sense of hope and a clear picture of him taking John back home with him (which is represted by the rainbow), but then realizes the bitter truth that he can't (the storm). The narrattor also describes the home where John lives to be at the end of the road, which could be interbuted to the narrattor that his journey back to get his son is now coming to an end. The describtion of the physical enviroment allowed foreshadowing play a huge impact on how the story was told and connected to the

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