Natural Browning Research Paper

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How many of us have gone to the market to buy groceries and have seen two different basket sections for the same type of apple? One basket shows the sign " Organic" and is sold for a higher price, while the other basket shows the sign " Apples", but is sold for a lower price. Which one would we buy? The practical answer would be the apples selling for a lower cost, right? Wrong. The apples at the lower cost are genetically mutated apples, which can give harm to the body. How? Well, if you try for yourself, normally, when an apple is bitten into, the exposed part of the apple naturally turns brownish. This natural browning is caused by an enzyme that produces melanin, polyphenol oxidase, which gives cells a brown tint when exposed to oxygen. There are many apple types in which, after 15-18 days after being sliced, bruised or bitten, they still seem to look fresh. How does this work? The company inserted a synthetic gene comprised of 4 natural PPO genes into an apple. This gene is called “double-stranded RNA,” and its function is to “silence” the genes that govern the production of PPO. The apple’s own natural defense system attacks the inserted extra foreign gene and destroys both the copy and the original gene in the process. With no genes left to create the browning chemical, the apple does not turn…show more content…
DNA is like sentences in a book that make sense. For example, the "big fat cat sat on the mat" is a group of words that makes sense in a sentence. But what if I told you "the sat mat on cat the big" . Now does that make any sense ? No right ? The first sentence is perfectly normal, but the second sentence is what oncologists would call cancer. As I said, your DNA like a book that has sentences that make sense. But once your DNA is exposed to a carcinogen, any substance or agent that tends to produce a cancer, all the words get jumbled up and become nonsensical. The question then is , how do u solve it

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