Tungsten Research Paper

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Tungsten is a silvery whitish solid with the highest boiling point of all metals in the periodic table. Tungsten was discovered by Irish Chemist Peter Woulfe after the chemist analyzed Iron Manganese tungstate mineral. The name “Tungsten” is derived from the Swedish word for heavy stone. It is very ductile and a good conductor, with a very high tensile strength. The element has 35 occuring isotopes; 5 natural occurring isotopes and 30 non-natural isotopes. Tungstens 5 natural occurring isotopes are Tungsten-180, Tungsten-182, Tungsten-183, Tungsten-184 and Tungsten-186(the number to the right of the element are mass numbers). This means that all the elements have the same number of protons (since they are all one element), electrons but different…show more content…
200 days • The density of Tungsten makes it useful for the usage of X ray absorber • The high atomic number makes tungsten provide excellent x ray; it is preferred material for stationary and is used for medical

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