Black's Beach: A Narrative Fiction

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super sweet, I get thirsty. And as I bit into that thick, rich muffin covered in a fluffy frosting, she said, ''So I was thinking we could go to Black's beach tomorrow since your not to busy.'' I looked at her, sitting next to me on the couch, but I needed to wash down my cupcake. I managed to wheeze out, ''Oh really.'' ''Yeah, I was thinking I could go just a shade darker, ya know.'' I gulped down some water and said, ''But I think you look so great as you are.'' ''Still, don't you think it be nice to go back to the place where we met and relax on the beach?'' ''Well, I don't think it's really my thing. I mean, we can go but I don't feel comfortable being nude in public.'' I took another bite of cupcake. She drank some wine. ''I don't…show more content…
I reached back for remote to her fifty inch smart T.V. ''Here, I'll pick something.'' ''No, I'm your girlfriend, your going to have to start trusting me sometime.'' ''Maybe there is nothing more to say than it's just not me.'' ''Still, it's no fun if you don't participate. I get the pot thing, but this is seriously not a big deal.'' ''Exactly,'' I said. ''So lets watch something.'' ''No, tell me what's wrong.'' She leaned and touched my…show more content…
I asked him where Brayden was and he said, out with Jess. I said, of course, and he asked me what was up. I told him everything, processing it for myself while I explained. ''Listen,'' Danny spoke and swiveled in his office chair. ''This whole thing with you and Brayden and you and Alecia, it has a solution. You've got to be more, go with the flow. Understand that Brayden's hit it good, and that you did too. And if I were you, I'd call her up, go to that beach, and drop my trunks, whatever my reservations.'' I knew he was right and she texted me later that night. I'll be at Black's beach tomorrow if you want to work this out. The next morning, I grabbed my trunks, picked up a hundred bucks worth of lilies and daisies, and drove to the trail head. As I neared the beach, I saw her there, chatting with some guy. I watched them and that gut clenching feeling hit me. The naked people milled around like this was all normal. But it just isn't, I thought. This is fucking weird. I tightened my fist around the flowers, screw all this, and dropped them on the ground. When I got back to the parking lot I couldn't find my car. I could have sworn I had locked it, but I couldn't remember. My instinct was to call Brayden, instead, I called

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