Technological Control In The Veldt

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In an era of innovation, technology is advancing faster than ever, and it has many effects. From that, there are some good outcomes, but many negative and maybe fatal outcomes. In “The Veldt” technological control was greatly demonstrated as it shows the house taking over and results in the complete destruction of the family. Three very obvious impacts technology had in the family were the children’s homicidal tendencies being born, the parents were doubting themselves, and at last the parents’ death is inevitable. In “The Veldt”, as the house’s technological values showed more and more, the house was almost taking the parents’ roles. “The house is wife and mother now, and nursemaid. Can I compete with an African veldt? Can I give a bath…show more content…
From the homicidal thinking of the children, death was an inevitable act waiting for it to happen. “They ran into the nursery. “The Veldt” land was empty save for the lions waiting, looking at them. “Peter, Wendy?” The door slammed.” (P 246) The parents were lowered into the nursery with their kids setting up their own death. At the end of the parents’ life, the technology of this house resulted in their children not accepting the decline of their tech even if they had to kill their parents. Unfortunately, these children did not see Mr. and Mrs. Hadley as their parents, they just saw them as walls that blocked them from their technology meaning that they had to tear it down. “Mr. and Mrs. Hadley screamed. And suddenly they realized why those other screams had sounded familiar.” (P 257) The parents’ were locked in the nursery by their children and they were on the verge of death. In the room hearing the screams it turns that it was their screams all along meaning that the children were imaging the death of their parents and now it was coming to life. In the last few moments of their life they knew that applying all this technology in their lives and making it very easy to reach was the worst decision they have ever taken. What was supposed to make their lives easier manipulated their children to kill them? At last, the death of someone was inevitable and it was the parents who died at the hands of the technologically brainwashed

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