Personal Narrative: Foster Home

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Its funny how you look at someone and it seems like they are just a normal kid, but when you move into their own shoes everything changes. Nobody realizes what happens to them until you know what they have been threw. When you enter my sister and I’s shoes you will realize it changed because of our biological dad. About 400,540 children are put into a foster home and about 135,000 children are adopted. My sister and I are 2 out of that 135,000 that were adopted in 2003 at 2 and a half years old. One of the things a lot of those 135,000 kids go through is questions like why did my parent, or parents, abandon me? Will I ever see them again? When will I see them again? Do I have other siblings? Another thing they go through is when they get in a fight with…show more content…
Waiting day after day until couple of months passed and then my mom went to the doctors to get an ultrasound, then she found out she was pregnant with twins. It was hard telling our father, but when he found out he was having twins everything changed for him. although he was excited he knew he couldn’t be a father for two. It started with depression, and then it got worse. Our birth mom said, “He started cutting and sitting in his bedroom crying for hours.” When my birth mom first found out and started realizing what was happening, she believed it was because she was going to have twins. The next morning they had a talk he said, “as much I want to keep them I know that I wouldn’t be able to be a father.” That night he ended up running away and the Cops found him dead by hanging . When she found out she was numb in shock. Since she knew him well she could tell that it was coming. She believed she tried everything she could to prevent it from happening but she wasn’t mentally strong enough. She said she sat around and started making double thoughts about keeping us in her arms or putting us up for

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