Health And Social Care Level 3 Unit 8 P1

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In health and social care it is important that individuals are aware of the hazards. Hazards increase danger and risk to an individual. There are health hazard, security hazard and safety hazard. Health hazard are incidents leading to an individual illness. Safety hazard are incidents which leads to personal injury or damage to the environment. Security hazards are incidents which lead into theft of property or an individual committing a crime. In health and social care profession it is important to have hazard signs, this is so that health and social care professions are aware of what to do and to prevent themselves and others from getting hurt. Hazard in physical environment: Physical environment is the area that you are surrounded in, the…show more content…
In some residential home and health and social care professions there are security system made to protect staffs and individuals from trespasser or invaders. In residential and care home staffs make sure that the main door and back door are locked and always locked when individuals are sleeping. The reason why staff lock the doors is to avoid thieve and anyone to come in through the doors and also to keep trouble out. Windows on the ground floor do not open widely this is to avoid any thugs from coming into the residential or care home to and hurt other individuals. This also does not allow individuals from escaping the residential or care home because they could be putting their life and others lives at risk. However this can be a disadvantage in cases where emergency such as a fire, if there was a fire it can be difficult for other individuals to come and save those individual who are in need to help and are stuck inside the residential and care home. If all the doors was to be locked and the windows cannot open widely it can be very difficult to exist the house and they are most likely to die. Private information must be protected if there are private information about an individual on a computer file, you have to make sure that on your computer you put a security password this is to make sure that other unauthorised individuals does not get information about other individuals because that unauthorised individual can be a threat to the individual who needs special help. Also if private records are saved on the computer make sure that you back them up in cases of virus. If the was a virus to occur then all those private document can be lost and this can put an individual’s identity at risk, So always make sure that you back up

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