Everyday Use By Alice Walker Analysis

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In this topic i am going to talk about the story called "Everyday use" written by Alice Walker. Alice walker was an American African author that writes novels and poems. She wrote the story of "Everyday use" in 1973. The story talks about the poor family containing three different people which are a mother, Dee, and Maggie, Dee was the oldest daughter, Maggie in the youngest, and the mother have big bonds as a man and works like a man she can kill, clean, and eat a hog in the same day. But they have very different personalities, the story also talks about white and black people and the situations between them, the difference between Dee and Maggie, and the conflicts between the mother and educated Dee. First of all, about the situations between black and white people in different generations; in the mother generation the black people was not accepted, black people cannot put their eyes on white people while talking with them, they were slaves in that time. But in Dee's time the issue was different it was normal to talk with them and to debate with them also. This shows that in the second generation the white people get use to white people.…show more content…
First that Dee is very beautiful and attractive but Maggie was not that much in addition that Maggie was burned and her hair was horrible after the fire happened her house. Second Dee was an educated girl but Maggie was not the reason here that the mother refer Dee more than Maggie because she is the best and the oldest. Third that Maggie her personality was very weak she can't even talk with anyone. So because of all those reasons Maggie was little bit jealous from her sister Dee but she still loves her because she is her
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