Transition Of Early Adulthood

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The transition period between being a child and being an adult, known as the teenage years, is virtually the hardest years of someone's life. It is a time of pure confusion, attempting to find your identity meanwhile still trying to accomplish your regular responsibilities. You have to find your real self as everyone else around you is trying to do the same and it is difficult to resist the temptation of being influenced by others. Other people may even attempt to stifle you and throw you off the path of self discovery. Fear not, although the way to your true being and personality is a long and trying journey, everyone reaches that critical milestone in their life. In 8th grade as most 13 year olds contemplate what they want to focus on, some are confused on much more than just the future. This 13 year old…show more content…
It was the after effect that determined her ability to become more adult like. After an argument with one of her siblings, her brother stormed off and decided to go tell her grandfather about her sexuality, despite everyone's explicit instructions not to do so. Her grandfather came bellowing and screaming and demanding to know if it was true. The lecture lasted hours, and she was extremely emotionally distraught after all of the yelling and screaming. They threatened to disown her, and made her swear it was not true. This went against all of her beliefs, morals and principles. Nonetheless, she swore it was not true to end the chaos. The argument that occurred that night marked a major transition for her from childhood to adulthood with her family. She realized she could not depend on anyone anymore and she had to be self sufficient. She did not know whom she could trust because she knew now that even family can turn on you in an instant. There was herself, and whatever made her happy. That was the new principle she lived by because she believed it would make her
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