A Parody: A Short Story

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The hobby that I am going to talk about is quite unexpected for someone as quiet as I. What is my hobby you ask? It is singing; Singing is something that naturally comes to people, just like talking. Some people enjoy it, and others don’t. I used to be someone who detested it, but then that all changed . . . It was December 25th 2008; outside, it was as cold as ice and frankly, quite dreary. My siblings and I were frantically tearing the wrapping paper off of our Christmas presents, as we uncovered the gifts that lay inside each parcel, we would squeal with delight. “This present has your name on it,” yelled my brother from across the room. I picked up the large parcel with my name delicately inscribed on the tag. Cautiously, I unwrapped…show more content…
At first, I wasn’t very pleased to receive such a gift, as I wasn’t an avid singer, but my family all encouraged me to give it a go. “You might like it,” said my mum. Sheepishly, I picked up the microphone and chose a song. As my first song came to an end I could hear my relatives applauding and repetitively telling me that I’m a ‘star’. Hearing all of this praise made me beam from ear to ear, and it made my confidence skyrocket. It was on that day that I realised that I loved singing; in fact, I loved it so much that I would constantly sing wherever I went! Ever since then, singing has been an important aspect of my life, it is like a friend to rely on and a shoulder to cry on, if I’m ever having a rough day, or if I’m just feeling down, I know that I can always sing to raise my spirits. On the other hand, if I’m feeling on top of the world, I’ll sing to spread my joy! Singing has become an emotional and a creative outlet for me, it lets me be individual and express myself in ways that words can’t. It’s not easy for me to talk about how I’m feeling, but through singing I can express joy, boredom agony, anger or annoyance, basically just any emotion I’ve got! Most of all, when I sing, I feel as if I’m another person. I transform into a strong, confident version of myself. I just get lost in my song and forget who I

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