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Manifest destiny affected many people and topics. Some Americans believed it was their God-given right to expand westward. Others disagreed. The term “Manifest Destiny” was created by John O'Sullivan in a report he wrote for Morning News. Americans wanted to move west, because there were more land opportunities, resources, and even more jobs. These sounded like amazing perks for some Americans. Americans had been pushing Native American Tribes west out ever since they were just colonies. What was to stop them from continuing that? Slave or free states was also a big topic of debate in Congress. As always slavery was drastically impacted by Manifest Destiny. Manifest Destiny affected Native Americans, Slavery, and the decision of…show more content…
Document 8 said, “However, the Missouri Compromise did not apply to new territories that were not part of the Louisiana Purchase, and so the issue of slavery continued to fester as the nation expanded” ( As the United States expanded so did the concept of slavery. After Texas separated from Mexico, they applied to become a state. Congress actually denied them, because they were worried it would upset the free/slave state balance. If it weren’t for this reason the U.S. would have easily accepted Texas. It no hidden fact that southerners have always been super good at agriculture. Document 9 stated, “The North had industrialized and in the process changing the way things were made from hand and home-made to machine and factory made. The South was agrarian and a large grower of cotton. With the invention of the cotton gin in 1793 and invention of textile machinery, it created a need for a greater labor force increasing the slave trade in the south” (Zapotoczny). When Americans expanded westward they brought their slaves with them. The idea of slavery also expanded as the Americans did. Manifest Destiny affected Native Americans, Slavery, and the decision of being a slave or free

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