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Sydnie Madison 10.04.2015 The Trans community is a small community that society cannot figure out. Society is still mostly lost, but has been given bits and pieces on how to address them because of famous Trans like Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner. Both women have a bigger voice due to their popularity on reality television and Netflix. Caitlyn Jenner had the biggest voice from being on the Kardashian show and its spin-offs. Caitlyn Jenner used to be Bruce Jenner and exuded masculinity because of participating in the Olympics and winning; most people thought it was a joke, but she guided media through her last part of her transition very well. The Diane Sawyer interview really helped people know where she is coming from and let her tell her story, and the Vanity Fair cover showed the outcome of her…show more content…
Comedy sitcom shows and movies have the stereotypical gays, lesbians, and Trans people. According to Dr. Walsh, “So when you see gay men especially on TV it’s generally a sitcom where they’re the feminine one and you know they are the classic stereotype of what a gay person is…”(personal communications, September 29, 2015). The portrayal of any community stereotype on media makes society think that it is how they actually are which is a misrepresentation and the hurting of their community. In procedural cop shows, the Trans people are junkies or prostitutes. The gay men are murders and cannot come to grips with their sexuality. Though that may been true for some that is not how the majority act or how they are. The movie Stonewall is about the riots in New York and it had members of the LGBT community fighting against discrimination. The leaders in the film were portrayed by two white males instead of an African American Trans woman and a Trans Latina. The based on a true story distorted the truth by changing the minority races into a dominant

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