How The Labrador Waterfowls Endangered

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The Labrador duck, unfortunately, is the only marine waterfowl species to have become extinct in North America. Exactly how the species went extinct is uncertain, but some possible contributing factors include deprivation of their natural food source, and possible poaching, which is quite sad since the duck wasn't even a desired food item. The great auk was an upright bird that stood more than thirty inches and had tiny wings that disabled their flight ability. The first records of people slaughtering these birds are from 1497, when various French ships arrived at some cod-fishing grounds in Newfoundland. After their discovery, more and more humans came to their habitat, killed them, and stole their eggs. This was continued until they were near extinction. Legend has it that the last reported great auks was a breeding pair with only one egg. Three fishermen found them, and while two strangled the parents, one smashed the egg with his boot, thus ending the great auk species.…show more content…
Peter, was indeed a step forward, but also a step back for scientists. Unfortunately most of the animals with the Steller prefix or were given the credit of being discovered by Steller are now extinct or endangered. Some examples include the spectacled cormorant, which was hunted out existence since it was considered an easy meal for sailors, and Steller's albatross, who was poached intently for their feathers, food, and fertilizer usage. Now endangered and under protection of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Steller's albatross is extremely rare due to the effects of

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