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INTRODUCTION The book of Nehemiah “narrates the story of how God restored his fallen nation after it had been destroyed by the Babylonians.” The book is named after its principal character Nehemiah who was in leadership during this very challenging time in Israel's history. Know for his effective leadership in the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah was also a catalyst to the renewing of the covenant. Indeed the book of Nehemiah “thrills and throbs and pulsates with the tremendous force of this man’s will.” But throughout the book, it is very clear that his successes were hinged on the fact that he was a man of prayer. From the very beginning of the book when he prays on behalf of his nation until the very end when he asks God to remember him (13:31), prayer is a dominant feature. The penitential prayer in Nehemiah 1 is the foundation of the book of Nehemiah and rightly so. This is because it shows us that the key to restoration when we have broken God’s covenant is through genuine repentance and faithfulness to God’s covenant. CONTEXT Historical Context…show more content…
In fact, in the Hebrew Bible and until the Middle Ages the books “appear as one unit.” Some scholars have suggested that the writer of 1 and 2 Chronicles referred to as the ‘Chronicler’ could have been the author of Ezra-Nehemiah. The authorship according Jewish tradition has been attributed to Ezra although most of the narrative in Nehemiah is autobiographical. The author of Ezra-Nehemiah used various sources in his composition of the book which included “lists, records, royal edicts, memoirs.” When you have issues of authorship, the dating of the book will also be an issue. Those who believe that the Chronicler was the author, date the book to around 400 B.C. while those who believe otherwise date it to around 300 B.C. Therefore we could say that the book was written somewhere between 400 and 300

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