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Back in the ancient Roman days, there were people known as Roman Tribunes. Roman Tribunes were people who were given the task to protect the people of Rome from oppression. The tribunes were also obligated to be chairmen of the people's assembly, to supersede the election of the aediles, and to help poor plebeians. (Lendering) “Military tribunes were originally infantry commanders. Under the early republic there were six to a legion; some were appointed by the consuls, and others were elected by the people. Under the empire (after 27 bc) the military tribunate was a preliminary part of a senatorial or an equestrian career and subject to the emperor’s nomination. Tribunes commanded bodyguard units and auxiliary cohorts.” (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica) Under the term tribune there are also branches.…show more content…
The plebeian tribune had no military function, but was strictly a powerful political office. The tribune had the power to help the people” (Gill) The tribunes were not considered common people. They were a higher official in the Roman population, but they were not of a higher ranking than the king. "Although the tribunes had a potentially very revolutionary function, they were usually moderates - at least after the aims of the plebeians had been reached in the 360's, when the patrician offices were opened for plebeians. However, in the second century, the magistracy became revolutionary again, when Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus used it to propose an agrarian law to the people's assembly against the will of the Senate."(Lendering) This means that although they are "regular" citizens, they are still of higher rank. Like Marullus and Flavius, these people were required to basically help the people from injustice or

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