To Kill A Mockingbird Quote Analysis

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One saying that has been perpetuated for an amazing amount of time is that “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it” or something along those lines. This saying is a warning about being mindful, as the past is fraught with mistakes that nobody would like to see again. In “To Kill a Mockingbird”, and the setting thereof, the southern United states in the 1930s, have many unjust mistakes because of immutable differences between people. Amidst the turmoil and sufferings that these injustices have caused, lessons are still to be learned. In “To kill a Mockingbird” Harper Lee uses dialogue and plot to teach Scout and all who read of her what true courage is, to stand up for ideas and morals no matter the circumstances. One instance of this courage is seen through what Atticus says about Mrs. Dubose about her struggle with Morphine addiction before her passing. In the story, Mrs. Dubose is portrayed as a witch of a lady; she screams and insults the Finches, and often scares Scout and Jem away, which is inconvenient as they have to pass her to leave their neighborhood for the town. This does not really change throughout the book, which makes for a certain amount of irony because of the courage that Mrs. Dubose displays after her life has ended. Mrs. Dubose was an ancient woman, and just as in modern times, this brings about a plethora of health…show more content…
These illnesses caused Mrs. Dubose an immense amount of pain, and to alleviate it she was prescribed morphine. She grew dependent on it, and it developed into an addiction which she felt tainted by it. Atticus explains to the kids “I
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