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During the novel I am wondering if Calpurnia or Aunt Alexandra would be a better mother. One reason that I believe Calpurnia would be a better mother figure is because she is caring, yet strict and somewhat bossy. She is strict because she is caring, she wants the children to grow up to be great people, and she wants the kids to make the right choices. Another reason Calpurnia would be a better mother is because she takes care of Scout and Jem, and she treats them as if they are her own children. Typically, when children get into trouble they call out to their mother. For instance “You don’t ‘n’ I’ll tell Calpurnia on you” (Lee 45). This clearly shows that Jem also believes he and Scout are both Calpurnia’s children. This tells us that Jem considers Calpurnia his mother and cares about…show more content…
She comforts the children by talking to them about their day and feeding them. An example of this would be the following conversation between Calpurnia and Scout, “ I missed you today, she said. The house got so lonesome ’long about two o’ clock I had to turn on the radio…Calpurnia bent down and kissed me” (Lee 38). This shows that Calpurnia enjoys Scout’s company and likes to comfort the kids. Calpurnia knew that Scout had a rough day just by the way Scout was acting. Then Calpurnia gave Scout some “crackling bread” (Lee 38). This example shows that Calpurnia has an emotional attachment to Scout. Calpurnia gave Scout some bread because she knows that Scout likes it. She also comforts Scout and Jem frequently, and makes them food. Since Calpurnia makes the children food it shows that she cares about the children’s health and would like them to appreciate what they have. The final reason Calpurnia would be a better mother is because she sees the Finch children every. “We lived on the main residential street in town—Atticus, Jem and I, plus Calpurnia our cook” (Lee 6). This indicates that Calpurnia is included in the Finch

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