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Human Nature Humans can be very smart but they can also be very stupid. In this case London is the stupid guy in the short story “To Build a Fire” by Jack London. One mistake people do instead of concentrate is panic and once you panic you can’t think as straight so you start to give up and lose like London. The character in nature has to be ready for everything nature wants to throw at them, characters have to be prepared and use their brain to get through things. Jack London’s short story was an example of a stupid human. London took a dog with him to the middle of nowhere after being told by an old man not to travel alone. The story didn’t do the greatest job explaining why London went there but I got the assumption he was looking for gold so he could be rich. London was happy he was a light carrier after seeing the tracks of a sled in the snow, but London should have packed more to be prepared. The dog London brought seemed to be smarter than London, the dog knew it was way too cold out and he wanted fire in the 75 degrees below zero weather. London was traveling four miles per hour but…show more content…
A family member of mine was walking home drunk the other night from being intoxicated and got taken from a bunch of crazy guys. Once he got ahold of another friend to tell him where he was the crazy guy got into an argument with him and hung up. Everyone at this point was confused and thought it was a joke but finally after two hours our family member that was in trouble found his chance to run he did and happened to get away from the crazy guys but on the run he dropped his phone and the cops had to go get it back the next day. In this crazy situation the guys who took my family member are still not in jail. This a story where the human was smart and got out of the situation but stupid because he walked home
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