Lord Of The Flies Chapter Analysis

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Summary -The chapter starts off with Ralph blowing the conch to call everyone to a meeting because he wants to discuss the rules and what they are going to do next. One of the rules is that no one is to talk unless they raise their hand and they have to be holding the conch to avoid chaos. After they discuss things a boy requests to hold the conch so he could talk because he want everyone to know about the "beastie" that comes out in the dark, but Jack and some other boys tell everyone that the boy is just being paranoid. They decide that the first thing they should do is build a fire signal on top of the mountain to let people know that they need to be rescued. Once they get on top of the mountain and collected the wood they need, they realize that don’t know how to make a fire, but when Piggy finally gets to the mountain they decide to use his glasses to make the fire. Piggy doesn’t really like the fact that they used his glasses and he starts to yell at everyone, especially at the little kids and tell everyone that they are acting like immure kids, but in the mix of this all he also points out that the boy who was talking about the beastie is missing. Analysis:…show more content…
nature problem which was the fact that needed to build. We are use to having a fire being built for use on the stove but since they are on an island they need to learn how to build one on their own. They knew they needed to collect some wood but when it came to actually building the fire they had some difficulty. At first they rubbed to sticks together but nothing happened so they started to think but when Piggy came to the mountain they decided to use his glasses and the sun to make the fire which ended up working. The resolution of this conflict effected the plot and character a lot because now we know if a ship or plane were to go over them they have some way to signal them and now all the characters have a small little hope of getting off the
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