Comparison Of Humanist Theory And Family Therapy

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Humanist Theory is a model centers around the integrity of humanity in human beings and the worth of each individual. The focus of the therapy is on the here and now rather than looking at the past, and promotes enhancing the self-esteem of individuals within the family system. (Gehart 2014). Virginia Satir is one of the major pioneer of family therapy whose approach combines elements of communication approach with experimental. Haber (2002) asserts her therapy was prototypical feminine in her work as she empathized nurturance, spirituality, intuition, equal rights and responsibilities, and use of touch (Freeman, 1999). Brubacher (2006 p,143) proposes that "because of Satires lack of theoretical structures, in order to keep her therapy alive is to combine this with a model soundly grounded in explicit therapy, relationship principles, skills and processes. The Emotional Focus Therapy combined with her approach will becomes a model for creating change in individual and family systems where the sums are greater than the parts." Emotional Focus Therapy will combine tools facilitating emotional…show more content…
However, with the changes in manage care; empirically evidence must support therapy approaches and intervention strategies. I am comfortable with identify emotions but not in a confrontational manner such as employed by Augustus Napier. (, n.d.-c). By placing myself in the position of the wife in this video, I would have probably walked out of the session because of this approach. However, perhaps because of his own health concerns connected with this couple, his view as a life and death issue influenced his decision to confront these emotions head on. In addition, since this was the last time he was to see this couple that be needed to be this confrontational to make immediate changes in this couples

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