Time And Distance Overcome Summary

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Since the beginning of time invented things have been life changing for the world, sparking huge sacrifices. Mankind have invented such marvelous creations like: light bulbs, weapons, machines, etc. In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and demonstrated it to the world. The New York Times asks “Of what use is such an invention?” which meant that the world was not yet ready for the telephone. Bell was dealing obstacles because his financial backers thought that his invention seemed too doubting and it wasn’t worth the speculation. At that time people did not understand the purpose of the telephone and didn’t really take into account what the telephone machine can do. In “Time and Distance Overcome”, Eula Biss goes on explaining the invention of the telephone that was created by Alexander Graham Bell. In the first few paragraphs I see that Biss goes on mentioning that people thought the telephone was more of an unusual thing, not really wanting to accept the invention.…show more content…
Kansas, Brookhaven, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Illinois, all these places that Biss takes into account to expose the cruelty towards the black men being tortured and killed, and then hanged up on telephone poles. Biss uses repetition such as, “A black man” to clearly express all the types of tortures and killing being made in a sense of her feeling bad for the black men and through her writing expressing the cruelty of the Americans. Lynching became the word for black men. I agree with Biss that it was a coincidence that telephone poles began to appear around the same time that white Americans started lynching black Americans. I was especially moved how she creates this emotional appeal that makes feel sorry for the black men. I didn’t like how postcards with pictures of burned black men hanged on the telephone poles were being sent to people as greeting cards and

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