Hostile Sexism Inventory

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While taking the ambivalent sexism inventory I was confused on the questions. I feel like they were created by unbiased people but worded to really make you think. I found myself wanting to skip some questions and come back to them. I also found myself in the middle of most questions, neither agree nor disagree. My score after taking the quiz was: Hostile sexism-3.00, and Benevolent sexism-2.82. Hostile sexism involves negative feelings toward women, and benevolent sexism is the belief that men are supposed to protect women that follow traditional gender roles. My Hostile sexism score was higher than the average female and average male. Getting this higher score confused me, how can I (being a female) have a higher than average score that involves negative feelings toward women.…show more content…
Getting this score made me think back to my reactions after reading the questions. Some questions such as “women are more pure” or “men are not complete without a women” made me think negatively against women. Men nor women in my opinion need love to be genuinely happy. Not saying that love does not contribute to happiness it certainly helps, but love is not necessary. I believe most women feel as if they need a man to be happy or men believe they need a woman to be happy. That’s why men and women go through others feelings like it's nothing. Also women are not more pure compared to men, I believe that both men and women are equally as pure. Some women keep their purity because they want to make sure the man is there for the long run or is capable of being a father, whereas men just “hit it and quit it”. With that I assume more women remain pure but men can also remain pure. I don't think I have negative feelings towards women but I do believe men and women are equal and based on observations both men and women are at fault as far as hurt feelings or being

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